for white anti-racists

This workshop is based on essay by the same title (available in Written Resources). This is an interactive experience for identifying and acknowledging the “detours” from an anti-racist path taken by even well-intentioned white people. White people will help other white people identify their racist attitudes and behaviors and work to interrupt these “detours.”

Sample Objectives

  • To recognize and acknowledge specific racist attitudes and patterns of behavior that divert white people of conscience from their intended anti-racist path
  • To work with other white people to identify strategies for overcoming these “detours” or setbacks
  • To identify ways white people can help other white people uphold their anti-racist commitment 


This one to three day workshop is designed for up to 30 white people who have had previous racial justice training.

Sample Agenda (for a one day version)

  • Opening
  • Working assumptions and conceptual framework (lecture/discussion)
  • “The Four Faces of Racism”  (handout & didactic)
  • “Detour-Spotting for White Anti-racists” (interactive triads, based on essay)
    • Identify Detours
    • Explore potential strategies for interrupting the Detours
    • White helping white sustain anti-racist commitment and actions
  • Wrap-up
  • Final journaling
  • Closing

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