About Our Resources

On this page trainers and partners of cultural bridges to justice offer a variety of resources available for your use in forging justice in your personal or organizational life.

Written Resources

In this section you will find essays and other written resources by cultural bridges to justice faculty, as well as, other authors who have given us permission to offer their readings for your personal review. We ask that you honor all copyrights for these authors and if you wish to duplicate for uses other than personal review, please, contact the author directly for permission.

We receive many requests from past workshop participants for copies of resources used in our trainings (Cage of Oppression, Level Playing Field activity, Internalized Sexism Inventory questions, etc.). We have made many of them available here in the Written Resources section.


Visit here for compelling videos we have found useful in our justice education and inspiration.


Here are just a few of the books that have influenced our trainers or that we are currently reading.

Organizations working for justice

We offer links to other justice organizations.