from recent training participants:

“This was an ‘uncomfortable’ magic time of awakening.”

“This was powerful beyond my expectations, which were high. You (trainers) have such a clear, smart, warm, open and wonderful way of presenting.”

“Fantastic event! The facilitators were great. The perfect style of gently leading to self-discovery, but able to share hard, cold reality, too.”

“Throughout the workshop, jona skillfully balances great humor and understanding for the complex and personal subject of racism. In their evaluations, graduates often choose to describe the workshop as simply, “…a life changing experience.” And we can assure you, it is.”

—Westminster Presbyterian Church brochure

“Great use of information exchange and experiential activity. Thank you for not placing us in a situation of confrontation and finger pointing. Thank you for preparing and equipping us for future discussions of how to bring change.”

—RJ training for state sexual assault coalition

“Wonderful energy! jona has very specific concepts and ideas to continue growing in this field. Thank you for the validation of what we do and for being an avid supporter of critical thinking. She got us to think critically and practice skills we will and can use every day. Awesome!”

—Addressing Attitudes of the Rape Culture” for Sexual Assault Conference

“This was the most mentally demanding and challenging workshop I have ever been to. Thank you for pushing and teaching me.”

—Workshop participant

“Excellent – we need more sessions like this that address the relationship of privilege, class and philanthropy. Fabulous, interactively high energy, thoughtful and well-organized. Extremely ground-breaking to give this topic prominence at the conference.”

—Participant in ”At the Crossroads of Poverty and Privilege” Family Foundation Conference

“That the experience of Oppression and reality of Privilege crosses so many dimensions.”

—Workshop participant

“The activities about privilege helped me see my own privilege in ways that I never had before, especially as I heard folks talk about being denied things I took for granted. And the sense that I was not – as a white male – treated as the enemy but as an ally (at least potentially.)”

—Workshop participant

“I no longer plan to be passive or tolerant. Not in my name.”

—Workshop participant

“That the times I feel no one knows or cares, there are many out there who do, and all I need do is reach out.”

—Workshop participant

“The Cage of Oppression is an excellent, accessible and useful framework.”

—Workshop participant

“For 2 ½ days it was okay to let down my defenses and let people in, whom I would have been suspicious of. It wasn’t just me alone, the whole group helped me.”

—Workshop participant

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