Ableism and Accessibility

What does accessibility really mean? What buildings or venues should be accessible? Who should decide? What is integration? How do we make our communities less ableist and accessible to more people?

Sample Objectives

  • To examine ableism, as part of constructed legacy of oppression
  • To include physical, mental and emotional disabilities – both obvious and hidden
  • To explore the evolution of disability – from the medical model to a social justice model and beyond
  • To clarify the difference between accessible and visitable
  • To illustrate the interconnections of ableism with other forms of oppression
  • To probe the reality and daily experience of ableist privilege or internalized ableism
  • To identify and strategize actions to challenge ableism, personally and in our organizations and communities


This workshop can be designed for one to two days in length and engage up to 40 participants.


The agenda will be designed to meet your needs in a one to two day workshop.

Program Topics

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