Your Planning Questions

Here are a few questions you may want to consider as you plan for a future justice training:

  •  What forms of oppression or topic(s) are you interesting in exploring? Is there a particular program you are interested in producing?
  • Do you want to focus on a single form of oppression, explore how two oppression issues (i.e., racism and homophobia/heterosexism) can be used to divide a community or are you more interested in looking at a wide range of human difference and how to create justice for all?
  • Do you want a workshop, a series of workshops or a keynote address?
  • Are there particular presenting issues or a current problem that you want to address?
  • What are your intended outcomes? Have you set specific objectives?
  • Who is your audience? Tell us about the mission or how the members are connected. Do you want to collaborate with other organizations or community members. If so, who might be your partners?
  • When are you hoping to produce the training?
  • What anti-oppression/justice work has this group explored previously? Have you worked with other training groups?
  • Have you had an opportunity to compare various justice training organizations?
  • Why did you choose cultural bridges to justice?
  • Who is coordinating the process, is it one individual or a team? Who will be our partner(s) to create and finalize the program?
  • How big is your group? What is the diversity of the group?
  • What are your possible funding sources? Are there any possible underwriters for the program or needed program materials?
  • Will participants pay to attend? Will you offer any full or partial scholarships?
  • What length program are you considering, is it one day or multiple days. Are there staffing challenges or shift changes to consider?
  • What concerns do you have about producing this type of training?

Booking Topics