Costs and Securing Funding

cultural bridges to justice offers a sliding fee scale for all non-profit organizations.

How does a sliding fee scale work?

You, the sponsoring organization makes the decision how much you pay for training by selectiing your rate within our sliding fee scale. We ask that groups pay the training fee they can best afford. We strongly encourage groups whose budget permits them to pay above the bottom of the scale to do so. This becomes an act of ‘paying forward’ and allows our trainers to take on clients with smaller budgets.

The fee scale is somewhat dependent on the type size and length of program (workshop? lecture?) you are planning. Please contact us to discuss the specific fees for the program you are seeking.

The cbtj (sliding scale) fee covers all reasonable preparation, design and follow-up to the workshop or keynote. We do not charge additional fees for overhead, preparation, administration, design or follow-up. There are NO hidden costs.

When planning your program budget, please, do plan for travel expenses (travel, lodging, meals, etc.) in addition to the actual training fee.

cultural bridges to justice workshop needs are minimal and low-tech, you can find more deiled information on the Logistics and Accessibility page.
Does cultural bridges to justice provide any pro bono (no-cost) trainings?

Yes, AND we receive two to three requests for a no-cost workshop or keynote almost every month. We can only provide one or two such programs in any one year – more if several organizations have paid at the higher end of the sliding scale. Please, be aware that even if we waive training fees, we still must be reimbursed for travel costs.

Securing Funding

We provide resources on our website that may assist you in grant writing or when seeking other sources of funding for your training. Past training sponsors have used language or information from:

All of these can be found in the About Us section. Please, feel free to copy and paste  any language that may be helpful for your grant-writing needs.

Other Resources

Some workshop or keynote sponsors have secured partial funding from local businesses or corporations for training fees or scholarships. Other groups have obtained underwriting for such things as workbook duplication and binding from a local printer, or lunches provided by a local caterer. The printer has their name, logo and contact information advertised on the workbook. The caterer posts menus, services and contact information at each meal.

Scholarships are a justice issue.

We always hope that sponsors of a program will consider providing scholarships to potential participants who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend.

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