About Us

cultural bridges to justice was founded in 1986 by jona olsson to provide anti-oppression/ social justice workshops, keynotes, and consulting for not-for-profit organizations, social change groups, universities, fire and emergency services and communities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Since 1986, cultural bridges to justice has grown into a consortium of competent, highly effective, passionate trainers and activists from across the United States who have trained hundreds of groups. (Please, see our list of clients.)

Our diverse faculty brings their experience, expertise and passion to each training. Every workshop or keynote is customized to meet your particular objectives, needs and concerns; we offer no “cookie-cutter” workshop designs.

Rooted in adult learning principles, each workshop is active and interactive and contains opportunities to reflect, discuss and challenge issues individually, as a member of a team and in the large group.

Workshop facilitators are committed to creating safe, open and honest environments that encourage participants to get “below the surface” of issues of prejudice and oppression, while presenting a framework and activities to uncover the reality of systemic oppression.

cultural bridges to justice workshops include the tools and time for identifying and strategizing essential changes in your institution or community, resulting in an action plan for forging justice.

Every aspect of every workshop is founded in our core principles and practice, our working assumptions and our deep belief that the journey to justice is a life-long one. A journey we are grateful to share with you.

About Cultural Bridges to Justice