Internalized Racism Inventory

  1. Do I trust people of color? Do I ever react to people of color in ways that indicates suspicion or mistrust?
  2. In my work or educational experience do I seek out approval from white individuals for a job well done over that of other people of color?
  3. Do I/have I ever been embarrassed to respond to another person of color in a language other than English for fear of being associated with my cultural/ethnic group?
  4. Do I/have I hesitated to participate in cultural/ethnic heritage events at my place of work/educational institution for fear of being identified with one of my cultural/ethnic groups?
  5. Am I a harsher critic of the choices or behaviors of other people of color than I am of white people?
  6. When choosing a healthcare provider of other provider of services that requires specific educational training (i.e. attorney, educator etc.) am I less likely to select a person of color versus a white person?
  7. Have I/Do I intend to alter my physical features in any way to hide or obscure my own cultural/ethnic features?
  8. When choosing a place to live, would I prefer to live within a community that is a community of color or a predominately white community?
  9. How often do I refer to other people of color as “ghetto” or by some other derogatory/diminutive term?
  10. When choosing books, toys or similar gifts for the children in my life how conscious am I of images, sounds and experiences that reflect their ethnic/cultural identity?
  11. In my place of work do I give more weight or credence to the thoughts and ideas shared by white people versus people of color?
  12. Do I believe people of color?
  13. Have I ever questioned whether a colleague or service provider (of color) was chosen for their position based on an affirmative action initiative?
  14. When choosing sources of entertainment (literature, movies, music etc.) how often do I choose art created/produced by people of color?
  15. How often am I embarrassed by or fearful of another Person of Color?
  16. How often do I mistrust my own thinking or carry around doubts about other People of Color’s ability to think well?
  17. Do I ever actively or passively believe or support racial stereotypes about my own racial group (for example: laugh at a racist joke)
  18. Have I ever played the role of “gatekeeper”, assisting the white power structure in preventing certain People of Color from admission to an organization, or promotion to a leadership position – for fear of the perception that we’re “taking over?”
  19. How often do I overcompensate – actively go out of my way to contradict or disprove a stereotype that I think white people may be holding about me or others in my racial group?
  20. Am I ever ashamed of People of Color? How often do I feel ashamed of or avoid those whose skin is “too dark,” hair is “too kinky,” eyes “too slanty,” who dress “too ethnic,” or who talk or play music “too loud?”
  21. Do I ever censor my own opinion or passion, or hesitate to make waves when my knowledge and experience are overlooked in a conversation or discussion or argument with white people?
  22. Have I ever thought about my own racial group: “We are our own worst enemy.”
  23. How often do I doubt myself? Or second guess myself?
  24. Do I put on a different persona when I go into white people’s business, organization or home?
  25. How often am I unsupportive of a Person of Color’s leadership? Have I ever undermined or sabotaged their leadership?
  26. Do I hold People of Color to a higher standard than I hold White People?